Wellness + Vitals

MARUX Wellness

April 9, 2021
Enabling the Digital Transformation of Healthcare and Wellness Safety Through AI

Check wellness related vital signs from remote to prevent medical premises overcrowding and keep staff and workplaces safe

Provide health professionals with a simple way to monitor patients remotely.

MARUX’s real-time vital signs monitoring app allows medical staff to easily measure oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate, heart rate and heart rate variable (HRV) – from remote. These important measurements, in combination with other symptoms – such as fever, coughing or a sore-throat – can greatly aid health professionals in deciding whether an individual should seek further medical attention or, conversely, reduce risking exposure by remaining safely at home.

Benefits of Using MARUX Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring

Accessible - Available on all mobile devices like smartphones and tablets

Cost-saving - Reduces healthcare costs with remote monitoring, using devices many individuals already possess

Efficient - Access more in less time

Easy to Use - Just by looking at the camera lens, no habits or special requirements