Vision and Mission

OUR MISSION is to enable machine learning with augmented-intelligence for medical diagnostics and remote monitoring.

We envision MARUX™ as the default interface application for all emergency medical professionals for addressing patient diagnostics and vitals.

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Our Leadership

Jonathan Lightning Rayos

CEO | Founder

Has the superpowers of seeing into the deep future. Ability to design, code, transform, and lead a team for digital transformation. Founded three technology companies in media, and hardware. Two successful exits & design patents. Self taught in JavaScript, Python, Unity. Passionate and self-trained in golf, triathlos, snowboarding, and simulation racing.


Michael ​D'Orazio

COO | Co-Founder

With the superpowers to build and connect. Has a vast expertise of centralizing teams of auto-mobility users. Founded a leading consulting firm for the OEM and Tier-1 sector in services, solutions, and systems applications. Passionate about Italian culture, classic cars, motorcycles, and family.


Darko Stanimirovic

CTO | Co-Founder

Over 10 years of experience in AR, XR, ML leaderhip. Master of Science degrees in Computer Vision + Robotics. Thesis in intelligence autonomous systems. Patent in ML, AR utilization. Has the brains and the brawn to lead designers and coders.


Board of Directors

Dr. Kelly Dinnan, D.O.

Surgeon | Beaumont Hospital Group | Medical Advisor

American Medical Board certified specialist in geeral surgery. Over 12 years in acute care surgery with a special interest in critical care and emergency general surgery. Board certified in general surgery and surgical critical care. Fellow of both the American College of Surgeons and of Ostepathic Surgeons.

Susan Anderson


Retired Michigan Educator with key experiences in the medical and health field. Avid investor and active in environmental concerns and humanitarian concerns.

Captain Larry Gambotto

Rochester Hills Fire Department | First responders advisor

A 16 year veteran of the Rochester Hills Fire Department, in Michigan, with First Responders experience in responding to all levels of emergency medical services. His Captaincy and training address first touch points on patient vitals and assessments.

Rose Pizzo

Media Relations | Social Media Advisor

Brings an the superpowers of energy and creative strategy. Has led several OEM automotive launches and money saving process improvements. Leads with strong business intelligence and analytical skills. Passionate about all things automotive, especially Formula-1 motorsports.


Dr. Paul Kruszewski, PhD

AI | Motion Capture

Founder of wrnchAI platform; processes digital images from cameras and video using deep learning models to detect humans in images. His mission is to enable computers to see, understand, and respond to humansin the same way that people do.


Dr Ken Paik, MD

Harvard | AI | Digital Health

Harvard, MIT trained clinical informatician, with specific expertise in big data analytics, healt technology strategy, and mobile health. Unique multidisciplinary background in medicine, machine learning, and technology. Passionate about driving improvements in healthcare + quality by leveraging innovative digital health technologies.


Dr Juan Sebastian Valencia, MD

M.I.T. | AI | Digital Health

Biomedical engineer with a master’s in biomedical computing from MIT. Co-editor of the books Global Health Informatics, Principles of eHealth and mHealth to Improve Quality of Care (MIT Press, 2017), and Leveraging Big Data in Global Health (to be published by Springer Nature in 2019).